What is Team Trilogy?

Simply put, we are a fan based team of Trilogy enthusiasts. We extend membership to any player who follows our three basic rules: use an all Trilogy bag, be PDGA current, and be a positive member of your local and online communities. While we have a good relationship with Latitude 64, Westside Discs, and Dynamic Discs, we are not associated with these businesses directly and have no connection to their individual teams. We do not offer sponsorships, as we are a free to join Team. What we do offer is a family oriented community of disc golfers that are committed to supporting these three brands and growing the sport of disc golf across the globe. Check out the message from long time Team Trilogy member Shane Hester about why he throws only Trilogy.

In the fall of 2013, members of the Latitude 64, Westside and Dynamic Discs Facebook fan page, who were closing in on 1000 strong from around the world, had come together to coin the term “Trilogy” to refer to the three companies as a whole, and the group’s motto of “One Disc At A Time”. For many, trying out one disc at a time, and experiencing the tight community atmosphere, lead them to develop a strong, loyal connection with these companies. The group’s founder, Maury Reynolds, brought forth an idea of a way to bring these devoted fans together even closer by forming a Team. Dynamic Discs owner Jeremy Rusco loved the idea, and pledged his full support. Maury brought in Brad Boehmer to help build the idea and both continued to recruit a team from around the world to form the initial group of Team Trilogy Representatives.  The assembled group set the framework for Team Trilogy; a handful of long time dedicated members of the fan page from the United States, Finland, Canada and Sweden, along with company owners and a few of their sponsored pro Team members got together and laid the foundation.

Team Trilogy went live in the Spring of 2014.  Overnight we went from a group of seven, to a few hundred and haven’t ever looked back.  We have worked to host/organize/help with an annual get together during the week of Glass Blown Open.  We’ve encouraged members to throw their own meetups, and to think bigger. We encourage our members to participate in their local scene while also working to better the online community, and have sponsored Grow Disc Golf Weeks that encourage our members to find a way to get new players involved.  If you have any questions for us you can use our contact page, we’ll be glad to get back to you. And make sure to hit up our FAQ page to see some of our most common answers.

Grow The Sport, One Disc At A Time