There are only 3 requirements to join Team Trilogy:

1.Throw only discs from Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64 & Westside Discs and not use another disc manufacturers’ bag/cart, in PDGA Sanctioned competition,

2.Be a current PDGA member, and

3.Be a positive role model on and off the course.



Can I use my Grip Bag?
Yes (mostly).  We allow any bag that isn’t made by or advertising for another disc manufacturer.  So most Grip bags are welcome, just not the Discmania (or other manufacturer) runs.

Can I use my Delta Cart?
Yes.  We treat Carts just like Bags, as long as they aren’t made by or advertising for another disc manufacturer we’re for them.  

Can I join if I just have one disc I haven’t managed to replace yet?
No.  It isn’t that we don’t want to have you, but the team is designed for fans that have already fully transitioned to a full Trilogy bag.  We’d also encourage you to take your time replacing that last “money” disc. More than once, or twice, etc. we have seen players hurry to change over their bag then get frustrated with how their new discs are flying.  It’s not worth the frustration to your game to change just to join Team Trilogy. So, if you get there organically, we’d love to have you join up with us, but throw what is best for you.

Is this a sponsorship?
No.  As we put on our ABOUT page, we do not offer sponsorship to our members.  We are a group of fans that provide a Team like atmosphere.

Will you pay my tourney entry fees, send me free discs, gear, etc.?
No.  As stated above, we do not offer sponsorships in any form.  I know this question seems redundant, but we want to make sure everyone knows what they’re getting into ahead of time.

If I join Team Trilogy will Latitude 64, Westside Discs, or Dynamic Discs pick me up?
Joining Team Trilogy is not a promise of sponsorship in any way.  While we do have a good working relationship with the brands, we have nothing to do with the sponsorship process for the three brands.  Working to better yourself, your game, and your impact on your local scene are all great ways to increase your odds of being sponsored.

What are the benefits of joining Team Trilogy?
We work to provide a family oriented community of disc golfers that are committed to supporting these three brands and growing the sport of disc golf across the globe.  That group of committed throwers is the biggest benefit we can offer.